Are you considering a new School Photographer?

If you work in a school, we hope you have a little smile at this short video! 

Why Happy Days Photography?


We offer UNBEATABLE Value!

Your parents can instantly download their children's photos from ONLY £10.00

We offer you commission on the photo orders and you have to do NO work in handing out proofs or orders!


We have HUGE experience in schools

With a wealth of experience, huge knowledge and understanding of the school photography market, we really are changing the way school photography works. With amazing value and digital ordering which benefits the School, Parents and Students alike. 


We really are THE BEST in the business

We absolutely LOVE what we do!  We spend our days making people smile and laugh.  What can be better?

What is better is knowing that parents and families get to treasure these memories which we create of times which pass all too fast!

How are we different?

NO Proof cards

You no longer need to hand out proof cards to your students.  In the hope that they might find their way home, and possibly return with an order. (for you to deal with)

Fully Digital Service

We deliver the image directly to your parents email address.  Should the parent wish to order, they click a simple PAY NOW button and they can then download ALL of their families photos.

Simple Pricing

FROM JUST £10.00!!!

Prints are available and simple to order, however we are proud of our unbeatable value full size digital images supplied to download and share.

Easy Registration

Parents will receive a simple login details on the day of their child's photoshoot.  As soon as the photos are ready they are notified by email. 

GDPR Compliant

We ensure that all data is handled responsibly and correctly.  All information is treated with upmost confidence and integrity.

All of our photographers are DBS checked.

Images for your school records

We will supply you with images ready for integration with your School Management System. We work with you to ensure that you have all of the photos on your system as quickly as possible.

UNLIMITED Backgrounds and styles

Using the very best technology available to the market, we can use green screen and multiple poses for our school photos. This allows us to add huge value to parents. It also allows the parents a wide range of options which they can choose from - there is always something for everyone!  

No more having to select the background which you think will keep the most parents happy!

Contact Us

We would love to come and have more detailed chat with you - no pushy sales, or empty promises for commission and to hit targets. Simply to find out what is important to you and to explain how we WILL make your School Photo experience better.

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We are based in Essex, but no journey is too far to deliver our service

Thank you for taking an interest in what we do, we are 100% confident that you won't regret talking to us.

Happy Days Photography

01206 617181 or 07876 146444 anytime